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Where to stay for Villages in Action 2012

With just 12 days to go til the next Villages in Action on January 14, it is time to start planning your trip! For those that are joining us in person, below is a short guide on how to get to Kikuube and where to stay in Masindi. If you are joining us via the live-stream, stay tuned over the coming days for information on where you can watch the day’s events.

Getting to Masindi

If you are traveling using public means, the best way to get to Masindi by Link Buses. There are four departure times from the Kampala Bus terminal located just outside the old taxi park. The Link buses are the lime green ones and they depart every 2-3 hours starting at 9am. The fare is about 20,000 UGX per person. Total trip time to Masindi is about 3 hours.

If you are traveling by car, let us know. There might be some people coming from Kampala and you can share a ride together to save on fuel costs.

Once in Masindi town,  you can grab a short boda boda ride to one of these hotels. Accommodation ranges from 45,000 UGX and 160,000 UGX, per night. (Please call Pamela, for assistance in booking a room: +256 774 787 465)

  1. Masindi Hotel
  2. Bijja Hotel
  3. Kolping Hotel
  4. Arlinda guest house

Getting to Kikkube:

Kikuube Village is just a short 20-minute ride out outside of Masindi town. The best way to get there is to hire a special car to bring you. Since it is dry season (and because we care about your safety) please use boda boda taxis at your own risk. Again, you can just call us and we can help you arrange a special hire to the village.

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